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I called Kennedy Roofing to provide an estimate to fully replace the roof of my 1927 craftsman-style home. Kennedy was one of 4contractors contacted for estimates. Bill Kennedy (the owner) returned my call within one business day and scheduled a visit within 2 days of our phone conversation. On the day of our appointment, Bill was on time and prepared. He got on the roof with my husband, took measurements and inspected the existing roof. We also walked the perimeter of the house to inspect overhangs and fascia. Bill described for us the products he used (he did provide us with a packet of information on the GAF roofing system he uses- he is a certified GAF installer) and how he would approach our roof. He explained to us that for a house as old as ours, and with an existing roof as old as ours, we could expect to find some wood rot and problems when the existing roof was removed. He explained his bid would address the removal of our existing roof and the replacement, but that any wood damage that was discovered would be an additional cost and would be billed at time and materials (he gave me the labor rate).

We also had access problems (the houses on my street are very close together) and so we worked with a neighbor who let the crew park their truck on his property (to load debris and unload materials). Any other solution would have added a significant amount of money to our job. The neighbor was concerned that there would be a lot of trash or damage to his yard. Bill and his crew understood our neighbor's concerns and were extremely respectful of his property. At the end of the project, I think they left the neighbor's yard neater than when they started.!

My husband and I liked Bill a lot. He knew what he was talking about and we never felt like we were being "sold" something. Of the 4 contractors interviewed, Bill had an advantage as we had been able to watch his company do a roof on a friend's rental property. Their work habits were exceptional and that roof was beautiful. The friend liked the work so well that she had Bill put a roof on her private residence.

We were not shopping for the lowest bid, but Bill's bid was lower than the others by a minimum of $800. The roof would take 5 days. Since we had seen Bill's work we knew that we would not be sacrificing quality by taking this lower bid. Also, and this was important to us, Kennedy was the only company we interviewed who did not subcontract the roof tear-off. We had the same crew from start to finish.

The work started on Monday July 18. The crew showed up and got to work. By the end of the day our roof was off. We discovered more wood rot and damage than even anticipated. Some of the problems were structural and beyond what the roofers would do.
My husband has carpentry skills and Bill and Myron (the foreman) worked with my husband to develop the best plan to address the structural problems. They gave advice and provided some labor assistance, and cheerfully worked around the delay caused by the need for unexpected repairs. Because of this team effort we saved money, appropriately addressed the problems, and only delayed the completion of the project by one day. Like his initial visit, when we were finished, Bill walked the roof with my husband (I was too chicken to get up on the roof) and explained all the additional charges due to the wood rot. I was provided with invoices for all additional expenses.

The roof is beautiful. I felt comfortable with every aspect of the process. The crew was punctual, hardworking, thorough. The site was cleaned every day (picking up debris, nails etc.). My landscape was unscathed and my neighbor was actually smiling.

I was so anxious about the roofing process - I had never gone through this as a homeowner - and it was exactly the opposite of what I was afraid of. The process was (almost ) fun and our roof is solid, stable, safe and beautiful.


I would absolutely use Kennedy roofing again and glad to offer a recommendation. Within 24 hours of calling Mr. Kennedy for a quote, his associate Myron delivered the roof material samples to my house and I received the proposal by email. Both men were professional and very pleasant. Kennedy's quote was in line with other's I received, so I decided to use him because he was so responsive and knowledgeable about the work.

The house isn't a primary residence, so when I met Mr. Kennedy to approve the finished work I was impressed. He had a ladder propped up and encouraged me to look around. The roof job was perfect and he answered the questions I had. His crew replaced a good amount of fascia so I looked around all the eaves - no nail ends ... nice clean work. No debris was left around the property and the crew cleaned the garage of any fallout material, which was appreciated since they had to release the garage door from above to access it.

Kennedy is a GAF System Plus installer, so the roof was installed with their recommended materials. The 50 yr/lifetime install warranty is transferable to the new owners.

Overall a great experience!


Mr Bill Kennedy came spot on time to survey the problem. I thought he was too well dressed for a roofer. Was he going to go on my roof in regular trousers and a nice button down shirt? He had no qualms and with his own ladder was up top pinpointing the problem before my dog could nip at his heels. From on high he told me he found where the leak originated. I invited myself up and joined him on the roof.

My house is basically squarish with a pitched roof. My office/laundry room is a former car port that was enclosed by a previous owner. The car port/office is basically a rectangle attached to the main square house structure. The roof of this home office/laundry room/former car port is a few inches lower than the edge of the pitched roof, and it's flat, though slanted towards the rear of the house so water can roll off.

Whoever had done the prior roof work hadn't properly covered the vertical drop from the pitched roof down to the flat car port/office roof. The vertical piece of wood had a small area where the runoff of water from the pitched roof ran down the vertical wood drop and decayed it, prodiving entry for the rainwater that ran off the pitched roof into my office ceiling. Well spotted, Mr Kennedy.
He quoted me a price for a whole new roof for the car port/office which no doubt would have been the way to go if I wanted the Cadillac treatment. But since the rest of the car port roof was in decent (though not great) condition I asked if there were a less expensive alternative that would fix the immediate issue. He explained he could do a fix whereby he'd install a long strip of roofing material under the asphalt shingles of the pitched roof down onto the car port roof, completely covering the vertical drop that had created the problem, directing the water running off the pitched roof onto the flat part of the car port roof and off the back into the yard. He also said he'd check the flashing around all pipes and small structures on the roof to make sure there were no leaks around the flashing, and he'd re-seal the asphalt roofing material already on the flat part of the car port roof down so the original asphalt roofing material was firmly adhered down to the roof under the asphalt all around the perimeter of the car port roof (if that makes sense). He quoted me a price of $400 for everything, which sounded so reasonable I didn't even bother to obtain a second quote from someone else. If it were a bigger job I would have, but this was a small problem and I just wanted it fixed - and the price seemed fair. I asked if he had a license, and if he had insurance in case his guy or guys got hurt, and he stated he did and could provide all this.

We arranged a date for his crew (probably 1 or 2 guys, he said) to come around and do the work, and I was shooting for late in the current week. He said he'd send me the quote in writing by email and we could take it from there. The quote came in writing (which was the same as what he'd stated verbally), and we arranged for his guy to come the morning of Saturday, September 10th. As that morning came I realized I hadn't seen the proof of workers' comp insurance or Kennedy Roofing's license to operate. I phoned his office and he phoned me back and scanned/emailed these to me just as his crew of one arrived.Myron was the guy who came to do the work. He was outgoing, polite, professional and a real nice guy. My dog, who is usually wary of strangers, seemed to like him right away. He explained what he was going to do and didn't waste anytime getting on with it. As he beavered away up top, I did some desk work. I climbed his ladder at one point and asked how it was going. He explained what he was doing, other minor issues he found up top that he said he'd correct and he got on with it.

A while later (maybe 2 hours total) he invited me up to see what he'd done. He did just as Mr Kennedy explained, putting a new strip of roofing asphalt material in place which matched the color of the existing material perfectly (not that this was crucial, but I liked the attention to detail). He used a torch to adhere the material in place, and it looked like it wasn't gong anywhere. He adhered the existing roofing material all around the edges of the entire carport roof where a lot of it had come loose. He put sealant all around the flashing that didn't have any sealant, and he plugged up some holes on the overhang on another part of the roof that were remnants of some unexplained things that had once been part of something, but which no longer served any purpose. Above and betond the call of duty.

With that I bid Myron adieu, and felt like joining Angie's List had already paid for itself many times over. Kennedy Roofing were prompt, professional, detail oriented, provided a fair price, and did a great job. I'm very happy with the work (which carries a multi-year guarantee in writing) and I can recommend them wiithout reservations. Thanks, Kennedy Roofing. No more salad bowl doubling as a catch basin!

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